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We are a Full Time Professional...
All Emcees/Djs have 10-15 years Exp...
Emcees trained in Crowd...
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$1299=5 hrs
Price will return to above amount after 10 bookings
$799=5 hrs
Price is per 10 bookings in 2018
1 Dj + 1 Emcee/Dj
$200 Deposit/signed contract
There is no travel fee within Pa.
$150.00 per extra hour

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Music Formats

On-Line wedding planner is available. Click Here

 Music Genres:Pop/Country/Hip Hop/Disco/Oldies/Motown/Rock/80s.

 Library includes 60,000+ song titles/spanning 50+ years.

 Music Selection:All music is controlled by Bride & Groom.
   You may request 50% of the music,whereas the other 50% will be   determined by DjRay Productions. A typical 5 hour Wedding Reception    will include 40-50 songs.

 We play music that is conducive to Dancing for all age groups & will    honor requests with the condition," Music must be appropriate for a    wedding reception, conducive to dancing and meet the approval of    B&G."

 Music is updated weekly per Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. Click Here

 You may select music for Bride & Groom's First Dance, Bride & Father,    Groom & Mother B&G with Parents and Bridal Party.

 All music is highly danceable from 50's-2017 including the latest    Billboard Hot 100 Hits; we will cater to all ages and will honor all    requests from the Bride & Groom.

 Bride and Groom will decide at what volume level we will be playing; we    will not drown out the reception with high volume.

 Sound system is all Digital w/ [2] Lap Tops &,no tapes or records, with    the latest high tech innovations including sound effects,and will    approximate a live band in quality of sound.

 We will meet with the Bride/Groom in their or my residence to plan and    create their very own personalized wedding event.

 Dj Ray personally performs all wedding receptions with an assistant Dj.

Alternate Djs are only used when DjRay is not available & the B&G opts    for an alternate Dj prior to signing a contract. In this situation the   alternate Dj's name will appear on the contract.

 We'll do all Introductions with a Grand Entrance for the Bride and Groom    + a Special Classical Piece.

 Blessing & Toast.

 Dinner Music.

 Cake Cutting Ceremony.

 Specialty Dances: Bride & Groom's First dance, B&G with parents, Bridal    Party, Dollar Dance.

 Bouquet & Garter Toss.

 First and Foremost, We Absolutely Positively will be there, Rain or Shine,    in Sickness or Health.

 Signed contract with, "$200 Deposit", which guarantees that Dj Ray will personally Emcee/Dj at your wedding reception regardless of weather conditions, sickness or equipment breakdown and in the event of extreme sickness will provide a suitable Disc Jockey employed by Dj Ray Productions to provide all the same services as provided in the contract. Click here to see actual contract

 Full Time Professionals, not a part time business.

Former Member The Better Business Bureau w/A+ rating
Click Here to see Rating


DjRay Productions has two web sites:

www.djray.com & www.wedding-disc-jockeys.com


 Equipment that is Guaranteed to Work with Complete Back-Up System.

 Sound System consists of Electro Voice, Cerwin Vega, Pioneer, Crown    and Shure Components, these are the best and most reliable Audio    names in the business, you will not experience feedback, high pitch    squealing or equipment failure.

 Shure Wireless Mic, Same version used by recording Artists.

 Backup Sound System includes a Mixer, Speakers, [2]Amplifiers, Mic,    Power Cords, Audio Cables and Cd Players,including Cortex,Numark,&    Denon.This backup system is guaranteed in writing by virtue of the    contract.

Most Popular Wedding Songs,2016-2017,[DjRay's List] Song List click here

Most Popular 200 Requested Songs from 2016-2017 Song List click here

 Browse our Online Music Library.    All Songs click here

 Selecting a Disc Jockey. Articles written by other Disc Jockeys.
   To Preview click here

 Reception Format.    To Preview Click Here

 View Video Clips per DjRay performing @Wedding Receptions    
Click Here to select various videos

 YMCA Props & Maracas for the Village People routine and Conga Line will    be provided at no extra cost. However these items must be returned at    end of reception.

 Dj RaY is a former Ball Room/Hip Hop Dance Instructor. All Djs are    trained in dance. We can get down with the best of them and will have    everybody dancing.

 Led/Laser Light Show will create the atmosphere of a High Tech Nite Club.    This is a smaller version, which is similar to the full sized Nite Club set-    up.     Lazer Light Show click here

 We are appropriately dressed (no jeans) in a Tuxedo and will add a    touch of class to this event.

 Our Disc Jockeys do not drink on the job.

 Our Disc Jockeys are Professional Entertainers trained as Emcees to    promote Crowd Participation and get your Wedding Party Moving.
   Preview Djs Click here

 Your wedding pictures will be posted on www.djray.com w/your personal web page + https://www.facebook.com/djray.baucum    .

 Please check out our audio equipment page to see the latest sound and    light equipment used by our Dj's by clicking onto the audio equipment    link below.     Audio Page Click Here

 You can preview one of us in a local club, prior to making your decision.

 We serve Schuylkill, Carbon, and parts of Luzerne, Northumberland,    Columbia, Dauphin and Berks Counties. All other areas such as    Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Baltimore, Allentown. Lehigh Valley,    Scranton, Wilkes Barres, Philadelphia, Easton, Scranton, & Reading will    be considered on an individual basis

 We are honored to assist you on your very special day. Feel free to call    on us any time. We will answer all questions and are ready to serve you.


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